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Membership Orientation Program with Club Esprit

*A Qualified Referral must be an individual “personally known” to participant for which participant provides correct and current name, address, and home phone number, and who:
(i) is 25 years of age or older,
(ii) is a resident of an Approved State (IN),
(iii) has an annual household income of at least $50,000,
(iv) at least one member of the touring party must have a minimum credit score as established by this offer's sponsor
(v) parties must not have filed for bankruptcy protection or been adjudicated bankrupt of insolvent within the past 7 years unless that bankruptcy has been discharged or dismissed.
(vi) has a major credit card bearing a Visa or Master- Card logo
(vii) attends a CLUB ESPRIT. sales presentation,
(viii) if married couple or cohabitating couple and providing proof of coha- bitation through governmental issued identifications showing an identical home address you must attend the presentation together, except where this requirement is prohibited by law,
(ix) possesses a valid driver's license or other legal form of photographic identifica- tion and major credit card and has not attended a CLUB ESPRIT presentation in the past 12 months.
To be "personally known" to a participant:
1.) a Qualified Referral must have knowledge that the participant submitted his/her name to CLUB ESPRIT prior to sub- mission; and
2.) the participant must not require compensation from the Qualified Referral for submitting the Qualified Referral's name to CLUB ESPRIT. In all instances, CLUB ESPRIT shall have the exclusive right to determine if a referral is "personally known" to a participant and/or if a referral constitutes a Qualified Referral. Void where prohibited by law.


Excited to have you as one of the newest members of our club.

We are excited to have you as one of the newest members of our club. Our membership-based program helps ensure that you, along with our existing members, enjoy a lifetime of memorable vacations. It is our pleasure to invite you back for a member orien- tation.

Our goal on your return visit will be to show you how to maximize your Club Esprit Membership and the many benefits, options, and upgrades available to you and your family. A well-informed Member really knows how to maximize the many Membership benefits!

If you have any questions, or need to confirm dates, please do not hesitate to call our Orientation Specialist at (317) 951-9717. This exclusive, one-time offer is only twenty-nine dollars ($29) and includes a $50 gift card good at over 100 different locations or 500 reward points good on your membership platform.

A sixty (60) minute Member Orientation designed to help you enjoy your membership more and learn about upgrades and options that may interest you. During this presentation we can also help you make any changes to your account that you may want.
Upon completion of your Member Orientation meeting, you will receive a $50 Gift Card.

Additionally, we would like to offer you the chance to share your Club Esprit experience with a close friend or family member. Bring a qualifying** guest with you who attends an Club Esprit Presenta- tion, and you may be eligible for a Referral Bonus. Your guest will receive three (3) days and two (2) nights stay to either, Las Vegas, Orlando, Chicago, Branson or Smokey Mountains and a $100 Gift Card as well! Just be sure to have your friend or family member call our VIP Member Concierge at (317) 951-9717 to schedule their visit, which can be at the same time you travel or a different date

Thank you,
The VIP Team

Things we cover in the
member orientation

Walk through your membership

How to maximize travel discounts

Boomerang rewards

Referral program

Reward points

$50 Gift Card